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Articles in the Denver Business Journal

Do You Know Your Company's Go to Market Strategy? "You may not sell products and services to a global market, but all of us are affected by the rapid pace of the new world economy ..."

Handling the All-Important Cash Flow in Business"Most owners and managers are stumped when asked, 'Which of the following is most important to the daily operations of a business — sales, profit or cash ...”

Simon Says, 'It's Safe to Make (and Learn from) Mistakes in Business"Smart leaders know that mistakes are a necessary and useful. When a junior executive lost $10 million for IBM on a risky ventrure, Tom Watson Jr. rejected his offer to resign. 'You can't be serious' ..."

To Foster Change, Understand How the Brain Works "When managers have people who make repetitive mistakes after being told multiple times how to do a task correctly, the situation can cause serious damage ..."

Teach Your Salespeople Solid Relationship Skills  "Many companies respond to this attitude by developing relationship or consultative selling. This is an alternative to the more traditional product-selling style ..."

How Well Do You Know Business? Test Your Knowledge"Your company can begin building this new kind of partnership by helping managers and employees develop their business and financial acumen ..."